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Healthy eating for men

Healthy eating for men
Men in order to enhance their physique, looks healthy and strong, we must pay attention to some food in their daily lives to be different from men and women in the dietary requirements, they should have with the number of calories, metabolism is also very fast. So what kind of diet is suitable for men's health diet? Consider the following tips I teach you right.
Reduce the intake of high calorie foods
1, consumption of a certain amount of chromium
Chromium helps to promote cholesterol metabolism, enhance the body's endurance, in addition, certain physical conditions, it can also promote the formation of muscle and avoid excess fat. Middle-aged men, at least 50 micrograms a day of chromium, a large amount of those activities, the day the men will need 100 to 200 micrograms of chromium. This dose of chromium is very difficult to obtain from food, and therefore proposed that the men taking chromium compound pharmaceutical preparations such as vitamins and minerals or drinking beer.
Add potatoes, eggs
Will be of high quality protein and essential amino acids low, non-essential amino acid content of high protein mix, can improve the biological value of protein. Germans respected the "potato Egg" is such a high biological value protein food.
This diet is 4.5% of protein 250 grams of high quality potatoes and a mixed medium-sized egg consumption. If the potatoes in the protein less than 4.5%, then according to proportional increase in potato consumption. In addition, potato starch and moisture content is high, so athletes to increase potato consumption should be appropriate to reduce or suspend the other staple food.
Consumption of food rich in plant fiber
The main function of plant fiber is able to accelerate intestinal peristalsis, lower cholesterol and certain bile salts, reduce blood glucose and fatty acid, has the role of blood pressure, also can eliminate some carcinogens, to avoid suffering from cancer. People eat food rich in plant fiber would fullness feeling, it does not worry about accumulation of excess heat, so its weight-loss effects. Recommends men eat each meal from 18 to 20 grams of vegetable fiber. The main food rich in plant fiber are wheat bran, cauliflower, apples, celery, lettuce, carrots, potatoes, cabbage and whole wheat bread.

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Weight Loss Tips female menstrual

Women want to lose weight fast, to seize the gold weight is a good choice. Female menstrual weight loss, you can not eat the quickest and most effective diet pills, because of poor health. Diet pills which contain toxic substances into service in the female menstrual time is not right! Then the female menstrual diet ate it? Follow up of the following for video conferencing on!
Female menstrual cycle length varies, an average of 28 days, but within 20-40 days are normal. If irregular menstruation, do not lose weight for women during menstruation, cessation of the most effective weight loss recipes and more. As the uterus and pelvic congestive menstruation and sexual pulse secretion, still cause backache, mild abdominal distention and abdominal discomfort such as fall, or mental well, general weakness, dizziness, Fakun easily excited and other symptoms. These will be more or less does not affect the functional status of women, some of the emotional impact of physical activity, then women should also adhere to physical exercise, but less active, do not do those intense and loaded activities. Participate in volleyball, so fostering teachers, walking, light exercise such as aerobic exercise equipment to lose weight, are very appropriate. Minor physical activity during menstruation, menstruation may also arise because of conditioning the body imbalance. While maintaining strength and he will not stop the activities due to menstrual cramps caused by physical decline.
Female menstrual what to eat to lose weight fastest weight loss? What period should eat food? Experts said women should not eat ice during menstruation. Improve menstrual symptoms, usually should be taken to ensure a normal life, regular, regular exercise exercise can also be different according to each person's physical condition, select the appropriate diet. Then the female menstrual diet ate it? Women can not eat ice because the weight loss period, make a clean blood row must give blood at the 'temperature' of the state, to flow out smoothly. Once the eating cold food, blood stimulated by temperature change will cause flow of worse, prone to blood clots caused by pain, like a yogurt diet to lose weight is also not suitable for use during menstruation. In fact, not just eating ice, some properties of partial cold foods, such as ice cream, melon, eggplant, gourd, cucumber, gourd, crabs, snails, seaweed, bamboo shoots, orange, pear, grapefruit, watermelon, and sour food such as plum, immature Weisuan of fruit, or some of Xin hot foods such as fried things, chili, pepper, mustard, etc., all food should be avoided by the period in order to avoid the situation of the blood does not flow
Female menstrual weight ate? Follow a few ways to survive the period.
Do not deliberately eat sweets. Such as drinks, cake, brown sugar, candy. To prevent blood sugar instability, to avoid adding to a variety of menstrual discomfort. Whatever the most effective weight loss method, but if you do not pay attention or will Yuejianyuefei diet

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