4 days 9 pounds thin-speed lean recipes

4 days 9 pounds thin-speed lean recipes
As long as you fulfill the following weight-loss diet, ensuring you will get that slim figure Oh, soon you can wear tights under the small matter of a yard, oh. The following stars have let Xiaobian tell you how to eat!

First day
Breakfast an orange, half a cup of skim milk, oatmeal, five raisins.
Lunch, a cup of chicken soup, four soda bread, a cup of fruit salad.
Dinner, a baked potato with butter, a cup of boiled cabbage, an apple, five almonds.

The next day
Breakfast ½ cup stewed beans, a boiled egg and a English muffin.
Lunch by the kiwi, strawberries, bananas constitute the fruit plate, a piece of cheese, a cup of spinach.
Dinner cup of rice, a cup of stir-fried vegetables, popcorn and a cup of thin strips of carrot.
Third day
Six ounces Liu Dingzhi breakfast, a bacon, half a grilled bagel with butter.Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool|auto diagnostic tools|Programmer and Chips |Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|Original ICC IMMO Calculator|

Lunch, a cup of oyster pasta and salads.
Six ounces of grilled fish dinner, six tender asparagus, a sub salad, a piece of cheese, a pear.
Fourth day
Breakfast six ounces grapefruit juice, a soft-boiled eggs, half a English muffin with butter.
Four ounces of roast beef lunch with a sub wire cabbage salad.

A sub-boiled chicken breast dinner, two cups of spinach, a cup of fruit salad, a cup of yogurt.
And practical advice on weight loss big taboo
Prohibition: egg tarts, fried chicken wings, chips, cake, Xiduo Shi, tea, carbonated drinks, fried, fried, stewed, and other oil practices; high sugar, high salt, high fat foods.
Recommendation 1: The less oil is the preferred fiber
Eat coffee, skim milk, sushi, small bread, cooking food in the choice of means, you can choose, stewed, baked, steamed, burning, and a small oil practices vegetables, grains, vegetables, high fiber natural food.
Recommendation 2: eat three meals a day to ensure that
Because fewer people eat metabolism can be slowed down, the best way to lose weight Eat small meals often, so not only will not make you gain weight, can you speed up the body's metabolism, accelerating fat and various waste emissions.

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